Updates released on September 1, 2016.

  • Printable Manual: A printable instructional manual is now on the website, in the "Resource/Help" section.
  • Printable Assessments and Rubrics (aligned with the landscapes, Contexts Units, and Cathy Fosnot's work): We will continue to add assessments and rubrics to each grade level.
  • Importing Excel Sheets: Teachers will be able to import class lists from Excel so that student profiles will automatically be created.
  • Transfer Students: Student accounts can be transferred to other teachers--as long as those teachers have accounts. For example, if the application was used with a student in kindergarten, the student's data/landscapes/notes/photos can be transferred to the 1st grade teacher (as long as the 1st grade teacher has a registered account).
  • Administration Access: Coaches and/or principals can view their teachers' work, usage, and student growth.